Big Brother: Over the Top RIGGED?!?

CBS is allowing Big Brother: Over the Top to be rigged by production. Producers could be heard on live feeds during the 10/26/16 HoH competition cursing and cheering for Whitney to win over Danielle. CBS All Access viewers AND houseguests heard this over live mics from the control room. As a subscriber, I am both insulted and disgusted that CBS is allowing this. Now that the veil was lifted, we see that production is openly favoring certain houseguests over others. America’s Votes for nominations, have-nots, care packages and evictions are a farce, determined not by our votes but by who producers want to see advance in the game. CBS, how can your subscribers trust you when you are allowing production to influence and determine the game?  Production is supposed to be neutral, but has clearly picked favorites, proving that voting results cannot be trusted. Does CBS have a winner selected with their name already printed on the $250K prize check? People are angry at this turn of events, and CBS NEEDS TO RESPOND.

Additionally, CBS is allowing Scott to openly bully Danielle as a strategy of “psychological warfare.” He brazenly promised over the last few days on live feeds that he would torment her if America voted out Neeley instead of him. When confronted by Jason Roy on 10/26/16 at 8:43 p.m. PT, Scott defended this as strategy instead of recognizing that he is intentionally personally attacking another houseguest. The rules are supposed to prevent houseguests from bullying one another, yet Big Brother didn’t step in on Danielle’s behalf. Scott was encouraged by The Ball Smashers, a.k.a The Plastics (Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Whitney) to follow Danielle around the house and verbally abuse her. Scott should have been warned by producers to stop and should have received a penalty vote for his antics, which left Danielle in tears and led to her admission of having a history of being bullied and physically assaulted. Jason also admitted that he is psychologically scarred from a history of sexual abuse. This goes so far over the line of human decency that it’s not a game. Scott often calls himself a super fan and compares himself to legendary Big Brother players. He fancies himself as Dan, Derrick and Evel Dick combined. None of them ever treated their fellow cast mates with such disdain. This goes beyond “pots and pans.” Scott’s behavior is disturbing, but Big Brother’s failure to intervene is negligent.

CBS, your subscribers and houseguests deserve better. Are the votes really from paid subscribers? There are theories floating around that people can sign up for free All Access trials from multiple email accounts in order to rig voting. Now, we have proof via live feeds that producers have favorites and may rig votes to favor certain players or alliances. In any case, quit rigging the game and enforce the rules. CBS, please don’t ruin Big Brother.



  1. Many of us can not agree more with you! CBS needs to block those with free trials from voting for one thing. As well as stop taking sides and rigging it for their favorites to win. Stop following fake polls for their choices and actually go by our votes for those that are paid subscribers.

    • Thank you, Desiree. I’m so appreciative of your positive comments and supporting my observations. Neeley was supposed to only receive 16% of the vote per my Twitter poll with Scott at 84%. I’m highly suspicious of Neeley’s eviction. Clearly, production likes bullies & The Plastics. God willing, one of them goes home this week.

  2. I completely agree with this!! We are heard the favoritism. Additionally, yesterday Shelby was told in the DR about the care package. How is this not interference?? How is bullying allowed to go on. Julie Chen how are you supporting this???

    • Thank you for your support. Please feel free to send this to Julie Chen, Big Brother, alumni, BB fans and so on via Twitter. We need to create as much buzz as possible to see this season turn around. Production shouldn’t ruin our favorite shows, especially since we are paying subscribers. Spread the word! 💕

  3. I read this and it’s all so true. It’s sad that this has only gotten worse. BB gave Morgan an extra veto in her care package, because they knew America wanted to vote Shelby out. Then they gave Shelby a redo of a HOH competition in which she broke equipment, taking the win from Jason. In the redo she was obviously coached, abd BB did not give Jason a redo when his equipment was broken – and will not even let him talk about it. Justin suddenly became enraged at his own team (the LNC) after a Diary Room session, where he went in saying he was going to “play” the Plastics, hating them and mis-trusting them, but left the DR suddenly wanting to leave his group and help the Plastics -even though they have been telling lies about him, backstabbed his friend Whitney, and have been trying to get rid of him since day one. His sudden attitude had no sense of naturalness to it whatsoever, and was obviously the result of manipulation (also note he suddenly knew things he couldn’t possibly have known without third party interference). This and many other cases of rigging, which is surprising to me that they allow after the obvious rigging of BB18 to propel the hotly unpopular Nicol to a free payday, has to end – or the show will.

    • You’re so right! Plus, Shelby broke her mirror AFTER Jason had already won the original laser HOH. I’m sick of watching production interfere with the game. Shelby probably threatened to sue like she did during the Haunting of Clementine Veto. On Twitter, many fans are complaining about the blatant rigging by production and many are swearing off Big Brother after we now have confirmation of it because of the many examples including the ones you’ve written in your comments. I’m going to write a follow up soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your comments.

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