“Have a blessed day.”

Years ago, I lived in Atlanta with a high-pressure job, and I would often go to the closest fast food drive-thru for lunch, as my days were so busy, I barely had time to eat. The first time I drove up to the window, as the cashier handed me my food, she said, “Have a blessed day.” I said, “What?” She repeated herself with a smile, and I drove off smiling ear to ear, feeling less flustered than when I arrived at the restaurant.

After several months, I took many trips to that drive-thru. Each time, as I rushed to get my food and go back to my office, I was told to have a blessed day by the same cashier. No matter how busy she was or how long the drive-thru line was, she always sincerely tried to brighten my day. She probably said it to every customer. In doing so, she expressed her Christian faith without overstepping any boundaries of corporate policies or offending any customers because, regardless of religion, we can all have blessed days. In the midst of long days doing things I now know weren’t THAT important, I racked up lots of wishes for blessed days along with lunch. Now, those are what I call Happy Meals. As time passed, I began to emulate her special habit. I started saying it to cashiers, customer service representatives and so on.

Flash forward about 10 years. I’ve since moved from Atlanta. Today, there was a new cashier at one of the restaurants near me. When she handed me my food, I said, “Have a blessed day.” Her response, just like mine the first time that cashier in Atlanta spoke blessings over my day was, “What?” I repeated myself, and she smiled from ear to ear. Talk about life’s full circle moments! Maybe she will be influenced as I was and start telling her customers to have a blessed day.

Life is partially about the impact we have on each other. Small gestures of kindness from years ago still impact me, which in turn, impacts others. You never know when someone needs to hear kind words.

I sincerely hope you have a blessed day, and pass it on. 🙂




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