The Blank Page

Ah…the potential of a blank page. Meaningful words might be written here: a song that has yet to be sung, a poem that stirs the soul, a letter to a friend that might find comfort here, a story that needs to be told, a journal entry that heals old wounds.

What am I waiting for? Write. They’re just words, right?  Is my heart not open, my mind not up to the task? No, it’s in me. Buried right now, but it’s in me. Inspiration will come. Words come to life, my soul laid bare, a little piece of me that may become a masterpiece. But right now, it’s only a blank page.

Look how much space there is to fill. Look how much is unwritten. Will I someday be quoted as having said something great? Even if my words were attributed to ‘anonymous,’ would that matter if the words inspired someone to write on their own blank page? Do I have some pearl of wisdom rising within me looking for a home on this blank page?

Words are powerful; they convey hopes, dreams, faith, perceptions, misunderstandings, imagination, anger, fear, angst, pain, humor, sometimes hatred and hopefully more often, love. They are used and misused, as people often are. They can move us to tears or laughter by telling stories of the human condition. They can tell the truth or mislead with lies. They bring such joy to new parents the first time they are spoken by their child. But, conversely, when spoken, words are often said in haste, no delete button or eraser to edit or take them back. They can then be misquoted, misinterpreted and misunderstood.

But the written word, while more permanent on what was once just a blank page, is edited, deleted, erased, re-written, spell-checked and hopefully, fact checked.  Words are massaged by the writer, and sometimes words massage the writer. They become a permanent reminder of what someone felt or thought. A pearl starts out as a grain of sand that irritates the oyster until it becomes something beautiful. With so many things irritating me, surely something beautiful will come from them and be written on this blank page. Maybe they’ll be passed along, inspiring pearls of wisdom on other people’s blank pages. 

Just words? Write them and see what may be born on this blank page.



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